What is Auto-Motion?

Auto-motion is the technique of making an apparatus, a process, or a system operate automatically through technology.

The technology incorporated in the Serenity has never been merged together into one fitness roller before. Through this incorporation, the physical therapy versatility design is the most of any fitness roller or massage therapy device (ie. massage guns, neck massagers, massage cushions).

Serenity Auto-Roller incorporates shiatsu massage automatically, which can work deep tension and spasms out of muscles, therefore relaxing the body, increasing blood flow, as well as circulation. The purpose is to release and reduce the tightness of muscles which can help activation for prime performance plus react-ability.

Hands-free | Awaken your muscles | Enliven your soul

  • Short answer - YES!

    The essence of recovery is to relax the muscles to polish out the knots within the muscle fibers and prevent any stiffness and tightness. When the auto-motion is engaged, you are allowed to relax while it kneads out your muscle knots.

  • Patent-Pending?

    You have never, and will never see another fitness roller with this combined technology because it is so unique that we needed to patent it!

  • What manual rollers can't do...

    Whenever you have a massage, don't they always tell you to relax your body?


    Manual foam rollers force you to remain tense while supporting your own body weight in order to manually move. With the Auto-Motion feature, relaxation is achievable and KEY!


    Keep your entire body in a loosened state in order to penetrate deep into your muscles. When you allow your body to do this, your blood will efficiently allocate cells and nutrients to that specific area.


The Journey

Good things take time

After 3 years of research, development, hard work and innovation, we have been able to birth auto-motion technology.

It was such a breakthrough that we were able to acquire a provisional-patent.

Attention to Detail

All of our deep efforts were put towards overcoming the mundane offerings on the market. Recovery is such a powerful need, which means that it requires a powerful device, which is why we worked so hard!

Mass Production

We did it once, we can do it many more times!

As we are underway with production, we have overcome many challenges when learning to tame this new technology. The great thing is, where many would have failed, we are excelling!