Have you ever seen a boxer finish a boxing match looking more healthy?

Linear punching motions of Massage Guns can be harmful! This kind of pain doesn't mean gain.

Workouts mean NOTHING without Recovery!

MLB Legend - Kenny Lofton

Literally No Comparison

"Violent crushing destroys muscle immediately; even if the force is insufficient to mangle the muscle tissue, the combination of mechanical force and ischaemia will cause muscle death within an hour."-The Bone & Joint Journal

The Prowlr simulates the sweeping of massage hands, gliding over and into the muscle tissue to realign those fibers that have been or going to be put to the test in the gym!

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Meet Mr. Fleming

One of our elite investors who's story will knock your socks off! His compelling story has helped many lives and become an inspiration. Much like the Central Park 5, made famous by the Netflix series - "When they see us", he was wrongfully convicted that same year, forced to spend spent 24 years 7 months, and 20 days in prison for a crime he did not commit.

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Auto-Motion Technology - What is it?

Serenity Roller incorporates shiatsu massage automatically, which can work the tension and spasms out of muscles, relaxing the body and increasing blood flow as well as circulation throughout the body. The design is to release and reduce the tightness of muscles which activates them for prime performance and react-ability. The essence of recovery is to relax the muscles to polish out the knots within the muscle fibers and prevent any stiffness and tightness. When the auto-massage function is engaged, you are allowed to relax while it works out your muscle knots.

Vibration Technology

Vibration technology has become the highest level and most effective technology that foam rollers currently have to offer. We made sure that we provided you with this function to complement our patent pending technology.

The benefits of vibration foam rolling:
•Reduce Soreness
•Increase Flexibility
•Improve Strength

Heat Activation and Soothe Therapy

Heat Therapy is known to increase blood circulation. A powerful tool that you get to utilize in such style. Heat therapy, has long been used by professionals for warming up, pre-workouts, post workouts, physical rehabilitation and therapy. We have added heat therapy to the Serenity Auto-Roller as it increases athleticism, catapults your performance, and boost recovery.

NFL Kicker - Jake Verity

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Like a Drill is to a Screwdriver

  • Workouts are nothing without Recovery

    Training breaks down muscles to rebuild them. Never neglect the rebuilding process.

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  • Massage is a proven tool to help Pain

    80% of the world suffer from back pain.

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  • Escape the pain

    Rule your Sciatica pain, don't let it rule you.

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  • Patent-Pending Technology

    Serenity offers the first ever auto-shiatsu fitness roller experience. It's hands-free, designed to help awaken your muscles, enliven your soul, leave your body healthier and shapelier than before. It can also leave your untreated sore, tender, aching muscles relieved and relaxed, accelerating recovery. Ergonomic and easy-to-use for self-myofascial release.

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  • Vibration technology has become the highest level and (so far) most effective technology that fitness rollers currently have to offer. We made sure that Serenity provided you with this function to complement our patent pending technology.

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  • Heating Technology powerfully meets the Serenity to increase blood flow and circulation. This process increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, helping to heal damaged tissue.

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Created By An Athlete & Veteran

"My time in the Air Force opened my eyes to the physical complications that can occur in the field and that arise once a member retires.

After separating from active duty, I became a walk-on wide receiver for ECU Football. Many of my teammates naturally developed many pains and injuries from the rigorous gladiator sport.

My wife, Kimberley, and I began to seek a means to enhance the therapeutic recovery and alleviate sciatica, spinal compression, and muscle tightness without the need to pay thousands for a physician or specialist."

-Dishawn Harvey, Founder & CEO

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  • Certified Minority Business Enterprise

  • Disabled Veteran Owned Business

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