Why not manual or vibrating rollers?

Dr. Massage Serenity Auto fitness roller in a chair
The standard for manual foam rolling is to use the floor as a stabilizing agent. For those with injuries, some of the required moves and poses are not possible. For those without injuries, using a foam roller as a recovery device, need to achieve full relaxation to loosen the knots within the muscle fibers. Whenever you receive a massage from a masseuse/therapist, they always tell you to relax your muscles for full recovery gain. Well, Dr. Massage is telling you the same thing!
You will activate the settings you desire, ie. auto-motion, vibration, heating, or a combination of two of them or all three functions simultaneously. You will lay on top of the Serenity Roller where the muscle tightness is or the target area and let it maneuver under the fabric. It will feel like fingers relentlessly rubbing out your muscle fibers.
Dr Massage Serenity auto fitness roller finger nodes

The advantage of the Dr. Massage Serenity is that you can use the roller on an ottoman for anyone who has trouble on the floor. Even more so, unlike normal foam rollers where manual rolling is needed for operation, the Dr. Massage can be put in between you and your office chair or couch chair or bed head board. The innovative shiatsu technology allows for the Dr. Massage Serenity to automatically roll for you while you work and attacks the hard to reach areas in the back without any need for attention. It can be seen as a pillow that you use to relax while sitting to watch a home movie. It can be put onto an ottoman so that when you put your feet up, it can massage your calves and loosen any plantar fascia tension caused by the achilles tendon.

Manual foam rolling first began in the 1980s with an understanding of how effective and economical self-massaging can be. Studies and information has since exponentially grown with finding target areas and decreasing the time needed for recovery in this ever-quickening society. Standard foam rolling allows for the initial steps for this to be accomplished.

"Healthcare professionals and trainers have long known about the foam roller’s myriad of benefits for physical therapy patients and elite athletes, but experts are just recently learning how valuable they can be for everyone else. Whether you’re looking to massage sore muscles or use the roller in an exercise routine, it can provide you with a number of health benefits." http://www.foam-roller.com/.

Vibration technology has become the highest level and most effective technology that foam rollers currently have to offer. We made sure that we provided customers with this vibration technology complimenting our patent pending technology.

The benefits of vibration foam rolling:

•           Reduce Soreness

•           Increase Flexibility

           Improve Strength


This really is the Lamborghini of all Fitness Rollers!

Dr massage auto foam roller woman in gym

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