Serenity Pressure (Stall) Limit to Keep Me Safe?

Dr. Massage Serenity Stall Limit Sticker

Pressure (Stall) Limit Explained

Pressure limit is often referred to as "stall limit" and used in massage guns most commonly. When developing the Serenity, the Dr. Massage Recovery Team consulted many NCAA athletic trainers, physical therapists, and physio therapists. In the consultations there was a concern for the well-being of the muscle fibers to be under the massage feature of the device. It can be extremely harmful for a muscle to receive an extreme amount of pressure thereby degrading the muscle fibers and further injuring the micro tears that normally come from routine exercise.
American Academy of Family Physicians writes:
"Acute trauma or repetitive microtrauma may lead to the development of stress on muscle fibers and the formation of trigger points. Patients may have regional, persistent pain resulting in a decreased range of motion in the affected muscles."

combat this, the Serenity will not allow you to "over attack" your muscles. The Serenity has a 66lbs pressure limit stall which will keep your muscles safe! This will prevent any injuries and increases the amount of output you will receive from the massage. When a certified masseuse is working with a client, they are careful not to apply too much pressure as well as not to over work a single muscle.

How to maximize the use of the Serenity

The best way to maximize the use of your Serenity is to relax your body and only use 1 body extremity at a time, ie. the calf, quad, hamstring, groin, etc.
The bigger muscle groups such as the upper back, lower back, glutes, etc. should be accompanied with 1-2 pillows as a sandwich so as to prevent the weight of the muscle group from harming itself. For the lower back it is best to be seated in a comfortable chair or sofa and have a pillow on top to rest against your upper back and lean back against it.
Above all, you want to get the most out of your training without causing harm and so do we! Any ripples visibly created from your recovery is a clear indication that there may be negative harm being done and the Serenity ensures that you never experience that!
"Excessive pressure can probably cause rhabdomyolysis (“rhabdo”): poisoning by proteins liberated from injured muscle, known as a “muscle crush” injury."
Good Luck, enjoy your Serenity and happy recovering!
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