⚠️WARNING: Kimmai with TrAInerGPT will dramatically change your fitness.

Meet Kimmai

Pronounced "Kim-ee"

Kimmai is your personal trainer that is an expert in Fitness, recovery, and nutrition.

The BIG 3

Workout | Nutrition | Recovery

All three are dependent on each other and are useless when done independently.

Kimmai is your expert in creating synergy between the three so that your goals are achieved AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!

Stick with Kimmai

She will guarantee REAL results

Win, win, win

There are apps for fitness, and apps for nutrition, and no apps for recovery.

It's time that changes.
  • Track steps, standing time, movement, calories burned, and more...
  • Track macros (Protein, Carbs, Fats), calorie consumption, and more...
  • Track recovery, muscle regeneration, activation, and more...
  • She knows all about the Big 3!

Check out Kimmai's Workouts

  • Based on your goals, tell Kimmai what equipment that you have access to and she will work around your capability.
Have little to no experience?

Good! Kimmai is an expert in explaining each exercise and only building a plan that is up to your level so that your goal is still achievable!

Check out Kimmai's Nutrition

Macros, Macros, Macros!
  • Let's be honest, the only thing you care about is to achieve your goal without having to be a dietitian or an expert.
  • The goal that you want will tell Kimmai what food you need to eat on a day to day basis. You don't ever have to think about it.
  • Tell Kimmai what you're cooking and eating and she will track it for you, the weight, protein, carbs, and fat.

Check out Kimmai's Recovery

The Neglected Diva

  • Workouts and nutrition means absolutely NOTHING without recovery. Kimmai will not lie to you and tell you to just work harder. Sometimes it is the relaxation that stops you!
  • Kimmai will give you a proper recovery plan to activate your muscles and relax them after a routine.
  • The more emphasis and attention that you put onto recovery, the more results you will see.

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