Patented Prowlr Massage Gun - Black Friday Sale

If you haven't heard of the new Prowlr Orbital Massage Gun, you are definitely missing out!
The Dr. Massage Team has went above and beyond to consult with physiotherapists, NCAA athletic trainers, athletes and the like to develop a more useful massage gun than the gagillion useless ones on the market now.
The team has taken to the understanding that the inherent motion of the massage gun simulates a boxer using you as a punching bag. I don't know about you, but I have never seen a boxer look more healthy after a fight! The orbital motion simulates a masseuse's hands to encourage blood flow, muscle fiber realignment, and trigger point destruction.
The TheraGun and HyperVolt and all others, use linear percussive motion that causes the muscles to wave and ripple, which can tenderize a muscle, essentially breaking it down, causing harm and micro tears to the muscle cells. If you have ever seen a boxer land a punch in slow motion, you will see similarities in the behavior of the skin and muscle. Only thing missing is to scream for Adrian at the end of each linear gun session.
The Prowlr Gun uses orbital massage technique that creates a dual action of rotating while orbiting (see picture below).  This action, recommended by professionals, sweeps into the muscle, achieving a true massage experience that you can do at home. It is not a replacement for masseuses' or physiotherapists, but alternatively when used by one such professional, the deep tissue massage is actually further enhanced 1 step further.
Dr. Massage is offering Black Friday deals of 25%OFF on so that you don't have to end up in a fight again with your massage gun. Next time you see one, tell them what they could potentially be doing to their muscles and show your Prowlr Gun off!
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