4 Reasons Your Linear Massage Gun Is Inferior To The Prowlr Orbital Massage Gun

      Massage Guns have taken the recovery world by storm. They range from extremely well made but expensive ($400+), to very cheap and just thrown up onto the marketplace by foreign manufacturers because they can simply sell a ton of them (starting at ~$35). This market blitz has caused a field that should be handled with care by the customer, to turn into the wild west of fads and trends. This incites no real attentiveness to the inherent nature of recovery with each massage gun device. This caused the Dr. Massage Recovery Team to seek out whether the massage guns traditional method was ideal for recovery or just a fad.
      Observing the technique of professionals, the team saw that the simple motion of a therapist or masseuse was extremely different than a massage guns' motion, which is linear assault. It was troubling because every massage gun that you can buy on Amazon does this jackhammer-driving motion. So, backed by technique, we have compiled a list of 4 reasons your linear massage gun, like Theragun and Hyperice, is inferior to the Prowlr's orbital motion massage gun.

1. Acute muscle crushing

      If you take a jackhammer to concrete, it will bust it into a million pieces, never to be put back together the same again. That is what can potentially be happening to your muscles using a linear massage gun. It could cause harmful micro tears in the muscle fibers and an unhealthy release of protein from trauma of the already damaged muscle from a workout. A masseuse (should) always asks you if the pressure is okay or too much because if it is ever too much, you can do some real damage. The Prowlr simulates the sweeping of massage hands, gliding over and into the muscle tissue to realign those fibers that have been or going to be put to the test in the gym! Masseuses have pushed and swept into muscles for decades, don't be one of the ones a decade from now, regretting it.
"Violent crushing destroys muscle immediately; even if the force is insufficient to mangle the muscle tissue, the combination of mechanical force and ischaemia will cause muscle death within an hour." -The Bone & Joint Journal 1

2. Re-tearing muscles already exercised

      When you conduct a workout, you cause micro tears to the muscles. This is where the swelling and pain comes from after a workout. When you are walking back to gather your things, or in the car driving home, what do you do to your sore muscles? You rub them and squeeze them to ease the pain and keep them warm. It is interesting to think that you would ball your fist up and begin punching your sore muscle to ease the pain. This action could cause you to turn a great workout in to a terrible one or worse, an injury to yourself. Your physiotherapist would not recommend that you do that. Why do this at a mechanical rate? 

3. Trauma opposed to massage

      Orbital Motion is the motion of orbiting the massage head in a 360° path while rotating the head along that pathway. While linear massage guns continue to act as a javelin to pierce its way into your soul, the orbital motion can help find the knots in your muscles and safely release them, aligning the fibers. Just think of the orbital path as, wax on-wax off. You cover the area of subject in a way that encourages regrowth correctly, minimizing any trauma or pain.
"...although advocates of percussion claim that having the head of the massager driving into the muscles adds the benefits of conventional massage, doing so only reduces the primary benefit of vibration and make it much more dangerous. The gimmick of percussion is such a poor idea that scientists recently doing clinical trials of percussion massagers deliberately used specialised softer heads, thus deliberately eliminating the percussion effect that is supposed to get the extra benefit..." -Dr Graeme Blennerhassett 2

4. Pain is not gain in self-recovery

      Many of the big companies that sell linear massage guns have tried to explain away the pain that is experienced by many of their users. They have said that the pain is all apart of the process, but one can tell Rocky Balboa the same thing after every fight as well! Using a mechanical device is something that you should take very seriously and be very cautious if you ever begin to feel pain. Only a professional is able to gauge where the shallow and deep parts of your muscles are and how they can be safely corrected in recovery. Taking a 50 cal. machine gun and penetrating deeper than any masseuse would dare go is not really the answer.
"People often feel sore and a bit “oogy” after strong massage, the phenomenon of post-massage soreness and malaise (PMSM). It’s routinely dismissed... Excessive pressure can probably cause rhabdomyolysis (“rhabdo”): poisoning by proteins liberated from injured muscle, known as a “muscle crush” injury. It would usually be mild with massage, but not necessarily." -Paul Ingraham, Massage Therapist 3
      When recovering, you should understand what your body is actually doing and what it is trying to achieve. If you understand that, you can do and find methods to encourage it along its path. If done right, you can potentially multiply your bodies output or simply speed it up. The Prowlr is on a Black Friday Launch Sale, so be sure not to miss out. Always remember that workouts mean nothing without recovery.
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